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You rarely notice the importance of your car’s brakes until you really need them. In reality people throughout Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA rely on their brakes every day to protect their loved ones and save their lives – so it’s incredibly important to ensure that your brakes are operating at peak level of performance.

Trust Dick Says Yes for brake repair, brake service and brake maintenance. We’ve performed brake repair and brake service in the Gladstone, OR and Vancouver, WA communities since 1949.

Brake Repair

There are multiple signs that your car may need brake repair:

  • Your brake warning light is on
  • Your brakes grind or screech when pressed
  • Your brakes do not respond appropriately to foot pressure

The Dick Says Yes service center covers all aspects of brake service, brake maintenance and brake repair including brake pads, brake pedals, hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinders, power brake boosters, drum brakes, disc brakes or electronic anti-lock brake sensors. If you’re searching for a trusted provider of brake service in the Portland area – the prices and quality at Dick Says Yes simply cannot be beaten. Convenient locations in Gladstone, OR and Vancouver, WA.

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