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Engine Repair

Engine Repair Service

At Dick Says Yes we understand that “engine repair” is a phrase that no driver wants to hear. That’s why our factory-certified engine repair experts try to make the engine repair process as intuitive, simplistic and stress-free as possible.

Dick Says Yes has been serving the local Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA communities with engine repair since 1949, and we always take excellent care of our customers. Our positive reputation is so strong that we frequently attract customers from all over SW Washington and the Willamette Valley. Everyone wants to experience the Dick Hannah difference!

Gladstone OR & Vancouver WA Engine Repair

Engine repair inspections are standard when you bring your vehicle to the Dick Says Yes service center. At Dick Says Yes we know the importance of preventive engine maintenance – so our engine repair teams inspect your serpentine belts, air filtration system, chassis and much more every time we service a vehicle.

Our factory-certified technicians are experts in the field of engine repair and equipped to provide premium service at our Dick Hannah friendly price. Our services include:

  • Minor Engine Repair
  • Major Engine Repair
  • Detailed Engine Inspections
  • Preventative Engine Maintenance

Thanks for thinking of Dick Says Yes for your car service. Bring your car to Dick Says Yes and allow our friendly experts assess your engine repair needs. Conveniently located in Gladstone, OR and Vancouver, WA.

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