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Oil Change


Changing your oil and the oil filter is one of the most critical procedures you can do for your vehicle. Over time, engine heat begins to break down oil and create sludge. This sludge can cause parts to wear out faster and may can have serious and costly consequences on your engine.

Oil changes are simply done better at Dick Says Yes. Our oil changes are unmatched by Portland-based competitors including service shops and other dealerships. Click below for more details on how to save big on your next oil change in Gladstone or Vancouver.

Gladstone, OR and Vancouver, WA Oil Change

Are you looking for an oil change alternative in the Portland, Oregon region? Our oil change experts will keep your operating in peak condition with our signature oil change service. We provide oil changes to drivers from all around the Portland area.

Thanks for considering Dick Says Yes for your next oil change. Click below to schedule your oil change appointment. Conveniently located in Gladstone, OR and Vancouver, WA.

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