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  • I was very scorned by past "used car salesman" experiences but both Lawrence and Doug at Dick Says Yes are fabulous and truthful! I felt like I was buying a car from a friend. Best car buying experience of my life! We can’t wait to come back and buy a motorcycle from these 2 in six months or so. Thank you, thank you! I appreciate you more than you know. Doug, you truly are a breath of fresh air!
  • Doug went above and beyond for us, driving us around to different locations and carefully reviewing the paperwork. We were more than happy with his performance, not only did he find us the perfect truck, bur the next day they called to let us know they found us better financing with a lower rate. We are more than pleased. Thanks a bunch!
  • Great experience. Douglas was friendly and knowledgeable and got me into an awesome car!!!...time for a raise....I think so. For me it was great going in and talking with someone rather than being talked down to by someone or having someone tell you the car you can get. Douglas was honest and was able to help me even if my credit was rock bottom.
  • My wife and I came to Dick Says Yes to see about getting rejected for a car, we were thinking about an older car that would get good gas mileage. We were met by Doug Kenaga, who was very friendly and inviting, so we sat down and talked about the car we were looking for and how bad our credit was and the wreck we brought in on trade. Doug told us he thought he had the right car for us and I’m still thinking about the rejection coming any time. But Doug drove a little green car my wife liked, not sure how he knew that, and invited us to test drive it. My wife and I liked it and told him so, but we knew the car was too new and low miles and we wouldn’t qualify for it. We were wrong, Rock Sobeck worked for us to get us a loan that had good rates and low monthly payments we could afford. Long story short we got a great car at a great deal and rate and Dick “did” Says Yes. Thank you Doug and Rock!!!
  • I was apprehensive about buying a ’new to me’ car, but the employees at Dick Says Yes made things so much easier! James Mahin answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease. I’d recommend them to anyone.
  • We went in there thinking we would get turned away, instead, we ended up getting treated well and got a great car! We would highly recommend Jim Mahin, Ty and the management staff.
  • Rock and his team made purchasing a car as painless as can be the way it should be....I have bad credit and needed a car that i could rely on and Rock made it seem like i didnt have bad credit. I went in to see him at 10:30 a.m. and looked at vehicles that would fit me and signed all paperwork including the contract and i was done and out of there by 11:45a.m. with the vehicle. I thought i was gonna stay the whole day at the car dealer like any other car dealers, but Rock and his team has proved me wrong.. So a big thank you Rock and team very much!!!! I will pass the reference to my family and friends...
  • Buying a car is a big deal, and one that I was pretty afraid of. Lance Preston made the whole experience fantastic! He listened to what I wanted, called back when I asked, and made me actually enjoy buying a car. Additionally, everyone there was great and I would recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a new car. Thanks guys!
  • I just bought a car from Nick Barnes at Dick Says Yes and everyone there was super friendly and worked really hard to get me the rate and payment I needed to stay in. This is my 4th car buying experience at a dealership and by far the best Nick was honest not pushy and most important he LISTENED to what I wanted. I will be a return customer.
  • I went in with a SOLID decision, and I got what i wanted within as little as 3 hours! My mother in law also went back 2 weeks later and for herself a new car! Corey Fortner did a good job as well as the whole team with really helping us out and getting us into the car we needed. The whole experience was great! Especially for my first car purchase :)
  • I’ve had a few bad experiences with other local dealers that treated me as if I was a bankrupt debtor (despite the fact my current credit report shows 8 accounts all rated perfect). So I decided to call Dick Hannah and they were great! I submitted my initial app online, and literally got a call back in 60 seconds from Rachel who was very courteous. I made an appointment for that same evening, went in, and my experience continued to get better. Although I wasn’t able to secure the financing rate I wanted at that moment, I was still financed and treated like a person, not a number. I bought a pre-owned car that was in better condition than many of the "Certified" pre-owned cars I viewed at other dealers. It had low miles, was in great condition, and the price was pretty fair for what I got. As someone who works in a customer service and finance based business, I can say hands down that Dick Hannah is the place to go if you’re tired of the "usual" car buying game.
  • My recent experience with Dick Hannah was unquestionably the best time I’ve ever had buying a car. I applied online and was contacted within just a few hours by Rachel to get things rolling. Rachel was completely responsive to all my questions, even picking out a salesperson to work with me and having him contact me directly. My salesperson was Jake Adams. Not only was Jake friendly and informative, he actually made buying my car a FUN experience. Jake showed me several cars that were within the price range I was looking for and was completely no-pressure the entire time. When I fell in love with the last car I drove, we told the sales manager Reuben and were literally out the door with all paperwork signed in under an hour. I’ve never seen a dealership work so seamlessly and pay such attention to what their customers are looking for in a vehicle.

    Overall, working with Dick Hannah was great - but working with Jake was phenomenal. He was honest, straightforward and hilarious. I can honestly say that I trust Jake; how often can anyone say that about a used car salesman?

    I live in Beaverton but will gladly make the drive to Vancouver to work with Dick Hannah (and more specifically Jake) the next time I need a new vehicle. They have definitely made me a customer for life.
  • After being turned down at 2 other dealerships. I was a little frustrated with trying to buy from a dealership. So I stopped by Dick says Yes as a last resort. 3 times must be a charm because I was very pleased with the customer service that Jake Adams provided. He was very personable and answered all of my questions honestly. Rich who did my financing was also great! He explained everything so I could understand and answered all my questions honestly as well! I would recommend buying from Dick Says Yes.
  • We recently purchased an ’09 Dodge from John Lee at Dick Hannah. Our experience has been great. After having been given the run around by dealerships in Eugene Oregon we drove from Cottage Grove Oregon to Vancouver to purchase our car. It was very refreshing to have no games played when we got there! What Jim told was going to happen did. Now that is a first with car dealerships and sales people. We would make the drive again when we need to buy another car.
  • I highly recommend Dick Says Yes To Everyone! I am a previous Dick Hannah Customer and I was very impressed with how I was treated at Dick Says Yes. I looked at many cars. I made many phone calls. I did everything to try and get out of my Honda Element that I had, because I no longer wanted an SUV but a car. I even was going to go to some other dealerships, but a call from Rachel at Dick Says Yes made me realize that I shouldn’t go anywhere but Dick Hannah. After two visits to Dick Says Yes, the first being unsuccesful because I think I was looking for cars that were nice but that just wouldnt fit my circumstances (income and credit). I went back a second time. Both times I worked with Jake Adams. We looked at a bunch of cars and finally found a Jetta that Jake was almost sure he could put me into. It was really nice, fully loaded and low mileage. They made it happen! They did everything to put me in that car! I even went back to the dealership a second time to resign paperwork because the lender wanted the financing to be at a particular amount financed. Mind you they already had made so many exceptions but they even were able to lower my payment by another $35 dollars from 310 to 275 a month in order to meet the request of the lender. So in other words they cut the price even more. Bought a 15,000 dollar Jetta For About 10,700. Great Deal Anyways! They really want to make you happy. The Customers For Life Program is great! (Tires For Life, Car Rental, Car Washes For Life Plus Many Other Great Benefits) Go to Dick Says Yes Vancouver! You wont regret it. Dick Hannah Is AWESOME!
  • The bottom line is the people at Dick Says Yes are the most human car salespeople I’ve ever dealt with. I drove off the lot with a great car, great customer service, and a fair price. However, the offer for "free tires for life" on their website is misleading (there is no fine print posted until you get into the showroom). Be sure you get the full details of their mandatory scheduled service at their network of dealerships to qualify for the tires before you weigh that into your decision to buy there. They said I’d lose the "tires for life" even if I changed my own oil!!! BUT the car I bought did have 4 brand new all weather tires (580 A B--good quality rating) installed. They replaced the rear brakes that needed to be done before it could be sold, but they also went ahead and replaced the front brakes that many other sellers would have left alone at 60% left. On the flip side, they didn’t flush the transmission fluid even though one of their service techs re-checked and admitted he’d flush the fluid if it was his personal car, but might wait since it would cost so much. Hmmmmm. (They reported that they checked and replaced any necessary fluids) Be sure to ask for their internal service records and a CarFax--not an AutoCheck, this won’t show service history! They provided both, but you have keep on them about it. They also had no problem with getting the manufacturer’s dealership to inspect the car. They confirmed it was in great shape, besides the transmission fluid. Also got a better financing rate through Dick Says Yes channels than I could through my credit union and the best private bank rates at the time. Again, their website advertised "3.99% APR" quickly changed to 4.25% when it came down to business because of the year/milage of the car even after they quoted the lower rate knowing what the car’s year/milage was. No big deal on the monthly payments, but still wish they were more forthright with the criteria of their special offers. Even still, I feel good about giving Dick Says Yes my business and will look there first the next time I buy a used car. There’s always surprises when you are buying a car, but I feel that this dealership was far and above any other that I’ve experienced and offered the best all around deal on the west coast.
  • There are various reasons why I decided to purchase a vehicle. Among these reasons were the need for a second vehicle, and a way to rebuild my credit. I heard that Dick Hannah Dealerships worked with people like myself who didn’t qualify at most other dealerships, so I decided to apply online and hoped that I qualified to purchase a vehicle at Dick Hannah. I recieved a call the following day from Nick Barnes, a salesman at the vancouver, WA Dick Hannah Dealership, and was estatic when he told me that he would be able to help me finance the purchase of a vehicle without any limitations, which meant I could choose the vehicle of my choice. Meeting with Nick was a great experience, he was very helpful and even stayed late after closing hours to work around my very tight schedule. I am extremely satisfied with the customer service Nick and everyone at Dick Hannah provided me, I was able to test drive the vehicle, finance it, and drive it home all in the same day. Nick has earned my business and I will refer everyone I know to him. Thank you Nick, and thank you Dick Hannah for giving the opportunity to rebuild my credit with an awsome 2009 Ford Mustang.
  • We recently purchased a used car from Dick Hannah in Vancouver, WA. Our sales rep, Robert Garrett, made the experience extremely pleasant. They had a reasonable price on the car and were able to also give us a decent amount for our trade-in. From walking in the door to leaving with a gorgeous car, the process only took about 2-1/2 to 3 hours instead of an entire day. Best of all.... we now own a car that makes you look back at it and smile!! We would highly recommend Dick Hannah and Robert if you are in the market for a car.
  • Best car buying experience ever!! Thank you Cory Fortner! We drove 3 hours to try to purchase a used vehicle from Dick Hannah in Vancouver. Though we have less than perfect credit, we were assured on the phone that they could get us a good car and get a decent loan for us. We were greeted with a smile and treated with respect. After looking at a few nice vehicles, we spotted a very very nice suv. Cory called to see if it would be a fit for us and we test drove it, and fell in love. A short time later we drove off the lot with it!! Not only did we get a loan, but we got a terrific almost new car, for an amazing price. Dick Hannah has our lifetime support and we are already telling everyone to go there!! Thank you CORY!!
  • Jim and Nick were so helpful and the deal that I got was wonderful. Jim made sure that all possibilities were known to me and he made sure that I knew exactly what was happening every step of the way. I am very grateful for all the help that I recieved. I will and am definitely going to be recommending Dick Says Yes to any and everyone that I know that is interested or even thinking about purchasing a vehicle!!!!
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