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Believe in nice

A car is kind of a big deal. It's a big machine and it's a big expense and it's a big part of life as we know it. And so, when we talk to you about your car, we take it pretty seriously. We believe in driving around until we hear the rattle that only happens when it's raining, on a hill, turning slightly to the left. We believe in coloring with your 4-year-old while you take a test drive. We believe one mistake is one too many. We are not okay with just okay. We believe in listening before talking, thinking before acting, and showing our cards. All of them. All of this may seem strange, since the car business has a reputation for being not so nice. But over the years, we've learned it's better to be nice, do good and tell the truth. Because it may look like the car business, but it's really the people business. And for us, that is a big deal.

Dick Hannah Dealerships. Believe in nice.
Believe in sharing

When the time comes to open our hearts and our wallets for children, one of the first places that comes to mind is Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Thanks to our Corporate Matching Program, last year more than $14,000 was donated to Doernbecher, recognized as one of America’s leading pediatric treatment and research hospitals.

Sharing with our community is a privilege earned by success.

Believe in play

As part of Subaru’s 2014 Share the Love Event, Dick Hannah Subaru raised more than $10,270 for the Vancouver Police Activities League, the organization chosen by Subaru employees as the local beneficiary. PAL also uses an 8-passenger van donated by Dick Hannah Dealerships to transport kids to / from activities.

The Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Washington received nearly $4,000 in employee and company matching donations during our 2014 Holiday Giving Campaign.

The Surprise
Believe in the future

It started in 2007 during a brainstorming session of Dick Hannah associates. The newly formed Green Task Force was coming up with ideas to tangibly impact our community and the environment. Among the many green initiatives bantered about came the notion to plant trees. Yes. Real trees.

In partnership with the National Arbor Day Foundation, Dick Hannah Dealerships has planted more than 193,633 trees in the Pacific Northwest-one for every car sold.

With its roots firmly planted in the local community since 1949, and believing that environmental stewardship is the right thing to embrace, Dick Hannah Dealerships continues to focus on the future.

One tree at a time.

Out of Gas
Believe in helping

Hundreds of kids in Southwest Washington were cozier last winter thanks to the efforts of Dick Hannah Dealerships and our employees. Believing that all children deserve to be warm, dozens of new coats were purchased and more than $3,200 was donated to the Salvation Army Coats for Kids program last year.

As Captain David Davis of the Salvation Army said, "Need takes no holiday and need knows no season." We emphatically agree.

Believe in learning

In order for children to learn, they need proper and adequate supplies. Nearly $10,000 was raised by our Subaru location during their second annual Tools for Schools initiative. Hundreds of children now have access to paper, pens, pencils, crayons and more so they can succeed in school.

Believe in friendship

Passion for one's community extends beyond people. Our furry friends also need help.

From sponsoring holes in golf tournaments, donating items to silent auction fundraisers and supporting events such as the Humane Society's "Walk Run for the Animals" and Adopt-a-Pet programs, Dick Hannah Dealerships believes that caring for animals is part of what makes us good people.

Max thinks so, too.

Believe in achievements

For a sixth consecutive year, Dick Hannah Dealerships is rewarding local high school students for academic success.

By improving their GPA by .5 from the first semester to the second, or attaining a 3.5 GPA overall for the school year, students who register are entered into a random drawing for the grand prize - one of eight new cars or $15,000.

Kids achieve when grown-ups believe.

Believe in giving

Since the early 1990s, Dick Hannah Dealerships has sponsored on-site blood drives with the American Red Cross.

As of March 2015, 1275 units of blood have been collected. Since each unit saves three lives, more than 3,825 lives have been saved in our community because Dick Hannah employees believe in giving of themselves. Literally.

Believe in reputation

There's no greater compliment than having your friends and neighbors in the local community select you as the best. For the fourth consecutive year, readers of The Columbian newspaper voted Dick Hannah Dealerships as having the Best Auto Buying Experience in Clark County. Awwwww. We're blushing.

Believe in wishes

There's nothing more heartwarming than putting the smile on the face of a child facing the challenges of a life-threatening illness. In partnership with Fox 12 Oregon television and 105.1 the Buzz radio, Dick Hannah Dealerships helped raise $702,000 for the Children's Cancer Association through their 2015 Valentine's Day for CCA radiothon.

Employees volunteered by staffing the phone bank at a ridiculously early hour of the morning. In addition, Dick Hannah Dealerships donated a new car as a raffle prize that generated $87,500 from the sale of 3,500 raffle tickets.

Wishes can come true. Believe it.

Believe in compassion

Thanks to the generosity of Dick Hannah Dealerships employees, the local Meals on Wheel program received $4,125 to provide meals and companionship to senior citizens in our community. Hot noon meals are delivered by volunteers each weekday to homebound seniors. At an average cost of $3 per meal, this donation provided 1,375 hot meals last year.

Believe in love at first sight

We've all been there. First the glance. The double take. The long adoring gaze. Then that indescribable tingle we feel down to the tips of our toes. You've been searching for just the right one. The one you envision spending the rest of your life with. This is it. You've found it. Your new car! At Dick Hannah Dealerships we know just how you feel when the right one comes along. And we do everything in our power to make sure your ideal match fits your budget and your garage. After all, when it comes to finding your perfect car, you don't need a second look.

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