Car Dealerships For Bad Credit | Dick Says Yes | Serving Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR

Car Dealerships For Bad Credit | Serving Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR

Looking for Car Dealerships For Bad Credit? Let Dick Says Yes help you get into a great used vehicle Today!

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      5 Mistakes to Avoid When Financing a Car with Bad Credit

      Tuesday November 14, 2023

      In this blog post, we outlined five critical mistakes to avoid: not checking your credit score, skipping the pre-approval process, not shopping around for the best loan, choosing the wrong car, and signing a contract you don’t understand. By taking the time to understand each aspect of the car fin...

    • Can You Lease a Car With Bad Credit

      Monday June 12, 2023

      Leasing a car can be difficult with bad credit, but not impossible. Learn what you need to know about car leasing options with Dick Hannah....

    • Does Financing a Car Build Credit

      Monday June 5, 2023

      Most car shoppers don’t have the means to buy a vehicle outright unless they have been saving for some time. Fortunately, financing is a viable option for eligible borrowers — but it begs the question that we often hear: “Does financing a car build credit?” The short answer is no; the lo...