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Buying a Car With Bad Credit


Buying a car with bad credit

Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit happens to good people. We say that, and we mean it, with absolute conviction. Heck, even some of us at Dick Says Yes have committed our own financial missteps in the past. Consequently, we completely sympathize with you, and we take a non-judgmental approach to every person in Portland and Vancouver with whom we speak.

With that being said, certainly, those who are buying a car with bad credit face more challenges than those with good credit. However, it is not a process to be feared when adequately armed with the right information. Let’s talk about what you should know and what you should expect from bad credit car dealerships to help alleviate some of your potential anxieties.

  • 1. Arm yourself with as much information as possible. Knowing what to expect is part of being an intelligent car buyer, regardless of your credit score, and will minimize surprises and stress. Because you’re reading this blog, you are already on the right track.
  • 2. Study your own credit reports. Understanding your credit score and how it will impact your loan is crucial to the sales process. The last thing any bad credit car dealer wants is to knock you off guard with your credit report. Know your score, understand what it means, and proceed forward confidently.
  • 3. Find the best lender. It is critical to research interest rates and chooses a reputable lender like Dick Says Yes. We have a lengthy history of accommodating (and satisfying) bad credit car buyers because this is the only thing we do. Not convinced? Read our reviews. We average 4.9 stars out of 5 from DealerRater with over 1,000 reviews. On yet another trusted source, Google, we average 4.8 stars with nearly 500 reviews.
  • 4. Understand what you can afford. There is an abundance of bad credit cars to choose from, and the quality of your used cars options may surprise you. However, consider the limitations of your budget beforehand to help minimize the frenzy of stress that can occur when being overwhelmed by hundreds of options on the lot. Enter with a plan, and stick to your plan.
  • 5. Negotiate. It is absolutely true that your negotiating power is diminished by poor credit. However, that fact does not eliminate all of your leverage. You may still freely negotiate the price of any used car, as well as several other financial nuances. The resulting savings from those negotiations could yield a long-lasting positive financial impact.


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Choosing a Bad Credit Car Dealership

We understand this is a challenging and nerve-wracking process for you, and that the Portland/Vancouver area offers you an abundance of bad credit used car dealers to choose from. Therefore we are honored that you are considering us and we look forward to helping serve as your stepping stone back toward financial health and prosperity. There are tens of thousands of financial success stories from Dick Says Yes over the years. We’re excited that you’re next. Come visit us at our stores in Gladstone, OR & Vancouver, WA.

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